Why clean windows


Cheesy right?  I mean everyone knows that window cleaning  is nice to have done on occasion, but what is the significance of getting them cleaned other than the fact that for a short period of time they will look brighter and clearer? Won’t they just get more dirty? Is it really worth the money? Well Clarus Windows argues that yes it is.

I once had a client tell me that ,”It does not matter whether or not your home is clean if you have clean windows.  It makes your whole house seem so much cleaner when the windows look good!”  Yes, having clean windows really does have a dramatic positive effect on the appearance of your home, and creates an inviting atmosphere for your guests, but it also does so much more! Did you know,  glass in your home is one of the most common places for rust, salt, hard water stains, oxidization, and many different airborne pollutants to cling to.  Over time these contaminants make your windows look foggy, stained, and down right disgusting.  If left uncleaned, these things can cause permanent damage to your homes windows, and let me tell you, it is a lot cheaper and way less of a hassle to get your windows cleaned rather than replaced.

Here in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area and its surrounding suburbs moisture clings to the glass surfaces of your home in the form of condensation, and when the sun and high humidity hit the glass it becomes a prime breeding ground for harmful mold to grow in your home.  Don’t take my word for it, check out this link from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, “http://www.epa.gov/mold/moldguide.html#preventionandcontrol”.  Another way to prevent mold growing in your home, according to the US EPA is to regularly get your roof and gutters cleaned, another service that Clarus Windows offers with outstanding quality at affordable prices.

Who would have known?  Will you let us help you protect your invest by providing you top quality window cleaning?  If you want your home to look brighter, clearer, and be a more safe environment, call Clarus Windows today for a 100% FREE estimate.  We guarantee that our price will be affordable and our service will be second to none.  I hope this was informative for you, enjoy your weekend, and remember, “It’s not clear, unless it is Clarus Clear!”