Dream for a second.  Dream about what you would have done to your home if you didn’t have to pay for it.  Maybe you would finish up that basement bathroom that has been unfinished for months because you just don’t have the time to do it, and don’t have the money to pay for it.  Or maybe it is that big landscape project you have always wanted to do when you bought your home, but life catches you by surprise and you just can’t get around to it.  My point is that we all have projects that we would like to get finished, but have not gotten around to them.

Now I realize that window cleaning is usually not on that top priority list of things to get done right away for most people,  but what if you could get it done for free?  That’s right, I said free!  No other word grabs our attention than the word, “Free.” If you would like to earn the chance to earn a free window cleaning of up to $200, fill out your information on our contact page, and in the “Memo” window, write down, “$200 gift certificate”  to enter yourself into the chance to win a FREE window cleaning by Clarus Windows of up to $200!

Although there will only be one winner for the gift certificate, everyone will get the chance to save money on window cleaning in the Twin Cities.  Now through the end of February, if you book an appointment for Clarus Windows to come and handle your Spring window cleaning, you will receive an automatic 10% off your bill.  There is no reason not to book Clarus Windows to cover your Spring cleaning.  So act FAST, and save money!  And remember, it’s not clear unless it’s Clarus Clear.