Washing Windows Like a Pro

Window washing can be quite enjoyable if you know some of the important tricks of the trade. You only need simple tools and a set of skills to wash windows perfectly and quickly. Clarus Windows is here to equip you with a set of skills that will make your window washing life easy.

Before wasting any more time let’s get right into it. The first trick is to own the correct window washing tools. What are these tools, you may ask. Well, you need a squeegee which should be window washer legobetween 10” and 16”, and should be made from high quality stainless steel or brass. Next, you need to get a window scrubber, which should come with an extension pole just in case there are high windows. You also must get lint-free microfiber cloths for lint-free windows. Lastly, get a tool belt that will hold all your tools. This lets you finish quickly as you don’t have to waste time bending to set or pick up tools. Please note, Clarus Windows suggests using only professional quality tools.

The second trick is to know when to wash windows. It’s ideal to wash windows when it’s cool and cloudy as direct sunlight will cause the windows to dry out too fast, leaving unsightly streaks.

The final trick is to know the technique. It’s simple. Pour dishwashing soap (preferably Dawn) in a bucket filled with cool or lukewarm water. Next, dip an applicator into the bucket and simply run your hand across the applicator in order to get rid of any excess liquid. Now, wet the dirty window with the applicator and scrub until there are no rough patches on the window. This means that the window is clean. For those stubborn spots, use a scrapper and always make sure that the window is wet. When done, run a dry microfiber cloth around the edges of the window so as to soak up any remaining drips.

Repeat these steps until you become a pro and don’t forget to thank Clarus Windows for the helpful tips! We’ve been performing Minneapolis window washing for quite sometime!