About Aaron Knigge

I started Clarus Windows in September of 2014, after a long and unfortunate summer filled hospital visits, and chemotherapy. In April of 2014, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma: Cancer, stage 3. I had thought my dreams of ever starting a company were tossed out the window, (no pun intended) but by the grace of God on August 26, 2014 after six rounds of chemotherapy, I was back in the game and my dream of starting the company was renewed and closer than ever. So off I went on this new adventure. With almost two and a half years of window cleaning experience behind me, I took on the window cleaning world. Clarus Windows is located in Bloomington Minnesota, and is growing! My dream is to be able to use my company to first of all provide a top quality service, second to none at an affordable price, but most importantly to inspire hope for those that may think their situation is helpless, to never give up on their dreams. I am also extremely excited to be getting married in the end of June, to my beautiful fiancee, Ellie. Life is good, Gos is good!

Minneapolis Window Washing Like a Pro!

Washing Windows Like a Pro

Window washing can be quite enjoyable if you know some of the important tricks of the trade. You only need simple tools and a set of skills to wash windows perfectly and quickly. Clarus Windows is here to equip you with a set of skills that will make your window washing […]

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Save Money on Window Cleaning – Act Fast!

Dream for a second.  Dream about what you would have done to your home if you didn’t have to pay for it.  Maybe you would finish up that basement bathroom that has been unfinished for months because you just don’t have the time to do it, and don’t have the money to pay for it.  Or […]

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Why pay for Window Cleaning??


Cheesy right?  I mean everyone knows that window cleaning  is nice to have done on occasion, but what is the significance of getting them cleaned other than the fact that for a short period of time they will look brighter and clearer? Won’t they just get more dirty? Is it really worth the money? Well Clarus […]

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